The Hymns Project is now Online

The Hymns Project has finally setup a website! This site will allow you to get everything you want to know about The Hymns Project and what we do. We are excited to continue our work for God’s Kingdom and we hope you will support us in our work!


This page will allow you to see all of the events we will be playing at. This includes the events through our partner The Stand Strength Team  in which we play at public schools and teach them about bullying and invite them to church event that night where we can introduce them to a loving God Jesus Christ!


We continue to work on bringing back the songs of old with new melodies that will be enjoyed by the youth of our world. Through here you will get the latest on what songs we are working on and also on our latest insights and outreaches.


Our latest songs which you can listen to on this website have also been put onto a CD in which you can purchase from our partners site here.


We cherish any out reach opportunity from small community churches to huge well known events like the Big Ticket Festival.  Please reach out to us if you are interested in allowing us to use your location to spread His word.

How To Overcome Bullying And Believe in Yourself

The article below teaches our strategic curriculum on how to believe in yourself beyond the difficult circumstances of life and persevere to success! Schools all across our nation have adopted this curriculum as their own and we encourage you to use it for whatever way God leads you to do so!

How to Overcome Bullying and Believe in Yourself

Where do I fit in?

You were born for a purpose, and put here for a reason! The great thing and big challenge of life is for you to figure it all out. Let’s start where you are right now. The article below was written with the intent to enlighten and inspire those who feel like they don’t have a purpose in the world. To those who might feel like nobody loves or believes in them. To show them how to overcome and live their life with a mental outlook which enables success and joy through perseverance and making the right choices!

.OYR Your Purpose