About Us

about-us-artThe essence and spirituality of the old-fashioned hymns of the Christian faith will never again, in our human history, be matched or paralleled. It is with the deep sense of abiding conviction that moved and motivated T.A Nalian and his group of writers and musicians to rewrite the music and melodies of these hymns, to preserve them for the youth of our 21st century. There will be critics who ask the question, “Why tamper with these classics?” It is the profound belief of the artist that many of the world changing events in church history have been lost in the archaic history books and weakened and watered down by the superficial messages given in the pulpits throughout our land. In T.A Nalian’s many travels, it has been observed that most churches in these contemporary times, no longer sing, use, have or ever reference the countless, eternal, great biblical truths found in the old-hymns.

The sole purpose, heartbeat and vision of The Hymns Project is the preservation of biblical truth, which inspired the hymn writers of old. They gave our nation and the world a rich heritage and foundation upon which strong families, churches, communities and cultures could be built. Hence, The Hymns Project music group is not exalting a person, a specific image, or a brand that would bring attention to self. We are a music group promoting God’s purpose, attempting to change a culture of youth back into thinking more about God and His truth than worldly desires.

As you listen to these timeless lyrics, let the words enter deep into your soul, for they will bring hope and be encouraging, comforting and life changing. The prayer of T.A. Nalian is that these hymns be forever preserved. His passion and burden is that the next generation and generations to come would lay hold of these great eternal truths and pass them along to their posterity. This would enable the future generations to grow up and be strong in the Christian Faith. God bless as you listen. Be not only entertained, but wonderfully edified as well.

To summarize all this, our music is about: God’s truth, His message, purpose, and redefining a culture from ungodliness to Godliness. We are promoting a philosophy and ideology of truth. Only truth can change lives and set people free John 8:32.

Please help us deliver these old hymns wrapped up in new music and melodies to the world. Together we can combat evil and reshape our nation’s youth.